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All courses offered are fully accredited by

          Professinal Beauty.

Choosing an accredited course ensures that you will get the highest standard of training and the confidence to know that you can be insured.

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Become an EYEDENTITY Brows Stylist in just a couple of days.

Learn everything you need to know to become an EYEBROW Stylist. You will learn Shaping and Definition of the EYEBROWS. Offering different methods to define and form the perfect eyebrow to suit the individual clients faces and features.

You will be able to perform high quality eyebrow shaping and definition treatments. You will also have a deep understanding of the EYEDENTITY BRAND as well as marketing and business support.



Become an ID Threader in just ½ a day.

Learning everything you need to know on EYEBROW Threading. You will feel confident in shaping and tiding eyebrow with the thread.

You will also learn how to thread other parts of the body.

You will gain up to date information and techniques on threading and its benefits.

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Become a professional skin therapist in just 1 day.

Confidently treating skin with understanding presciptive facials and skin analysis in depth.

You will learn how to perform a skin treatment from beginning to end including cleansing, toning, exfoliation, extractions plus learning a aroma facial massage technique and mask application.





Microneedling or Collagen Induced Therapy is fast becoming the most talked about and in demand Aesthetic Treatment for treating Scars, Cellulite , Ageing Skin, Pitting and much more

Microneedling is a technique based on the principle of micro needling, creating tiny punctures to the skin in order for the skin to naturally repair itself and induce new cell growth

Micro needling literally tricks your skin into turning back time by destroying damaged or ageing skin cells and scar tissue and replacing it with new cells and a new production of collagen and elastin.

You will learn all there is know to carry out a professional microneedling treatment procedure.



Become a waxing therapist in just 1 day.

Waxing is one of the most popular salon treatments, making our Waxing Course an essential for all beauty therapists. Your clients will return every 4 to 6 weeks to maintain their waxing results, ensuring repeat business for you.

You will learn how to professionally wax all areas of the face and body, including leg, bikini, underarms, facial and eyebrows.

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Skin Peels are highly regarded as the safest and most effective way to rejuvenate and restructure skin, whether it be to even out texture and tone, minimise pigmentation and discolouration , reduce and allieviate acne and rosacea or simply defy time as an effective anti ageing procedure.

Alpa Hydroxy Acids or AHAs are widely used in Skin Clinics and Salons as an effective skin treatment, with minimul damage unlike the more aggresive Chemical Peel ( used by certified medical practitioners only ) that literally burn away the outer epidermis, levaing the client with significant downtime and discomfort.

You will learn the do's and dont's on skin peels and how to effectively carry out a skin peel precedure safely.



Become an Aromatherpist in just 2 days.

Enrolling on our Aromatherapy Massage Course will benefit clients both physically and mentally.  This treatment combines the healing properties of essential oils with the deep relaxation of soothing massage.  Our massage courses teach you how to select and safely use essential oils according to the needs of the individual.  The soothing aromatherapy massage you will learn assists the penetration of the essential oils into the body and relaxes tense, tight muscles and calms the mind.

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How we work:


You will be required to attend our intensive 1 or 2 day course on your chosen date – the length of the course will vary depending on the subject. During your course you will receive course notes and your qualified therapy lecturer will talk you through any theory work that is required for your course. This will be followed by a practical demonstration of the treatment procedure as well as the opportunity to have hands-on experience by practising on your fellow students.


Upon course completion you will receive a fully insurable ID Institute Diploma to obtain public liability insurance.

We aim for 100% student satisfaction and student success rate. In order to achieve this we offer FREE after course support, this includes:

-In salon or one on one training.

-You may attend the course you completed with us as many times as you like either to refresh or to feel confident to practise your learnings.

-Professional advice on all aspects of today’s Beauty Industry.


For further advice and guidance before or after choosing a course, contact us on

TEL. 07500 784 587

Email. [email protected]

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Become an Indian Head Massage Therapist in just 1 day.

Enrolling on our Indian Head Massage Course will benefit clients both physically and mentally.  This treatment combines the healing properties of  deep relaxation and soothing massage.  Our massage courses teach you how to select and safely use oils which is optional, according to the needs of the individual.  The soothing and stimulating massage you will learn assists the body healing experiences and relaxes tense, tight muscles and calms the mind.